Julie Jacobs has been practicing yoga for more than ten years. She's received advanced teacher training from Yoga Works in Santa Monica in addition to having studied with many world-renowned yoga instructors. Julie has also held positions as General Manager and Head of Teachers at Yoga Works.

Julie teaches a no-nonsense practice based on a combination of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. If you're looking for a hippy-dippy class with incense and candles, look elsewhere. If you're looking to warm, stretch, and strengthen your muscles in a safe, fun way, take one of Julie's classes.

If you're new to yoga and looking for a comfortable beginning, get your bearings with Julie's Private Introduction to Yoga. Julie has taught many yoga introductions (both privately and at yoga schools) and would love to teach you a four-session introduction in the privacy of your home at your convenience for just $350. After your introduction you'll be ready for a class at the school of your choosing or a lifetime of private lessons if you'd prefer. These private introductions also make a great gift.


Yoga Works:
Monday and Wednesday, 2:30PM, level 1&2, Main Street, Santa Monica
Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30AM, level 1&2, Montana Ave, Santa Monica
both classes are appropriate for beginners
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In the comfort of your own home
$125 per class
4-class private introduction, $400
email for more info